What are Z-fold cards used for?

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Despite growing competition from online advertising, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the value of traditional print marketing. Z-fold cards are a particularly versatile tool in the offline world - allowing you to display lots of information in one handy, easy-to-transport space. 

zfold card

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Why Your Business Needs Z-Fold Printables

Every business needs to have a successful printer solution for their documents. With so many companies needing to print professional-looking files every day, it becomes essential to have a system that works. 

For a lot of exhibition companies, that system is the z-fold option. It has a lot of benefits, and there’s plenty of reasons why your business needs z-fold printables. Let’s take a look at some of those here and now - better to strike while the printer is hot! 

what is a z-fold card

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You’ve probably seen Z Fold Cards before, particularly if you’ve ever picked up a complimentary information pack at a public services building - or been handed complimentary promotional material directly. Z Fold Cards are a lesser known, but frequently used invention. Many of us have a few in our homes without realising, and they’ve grown in popularity as a marketing tool for displaying clear information in a compact way since their initial invention during the late 1980s. But what are Z Fold Cards, and where do they originate?

Why Z-Fold paper maps beat electronic GPS

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Why traditional paper maps beat electronic GPS

Did you know there’s a National Map Reading Week?

Every third week of October, the Ordnance Survey and other associated outdoor organisations encourage the British public to switch off their phones, leave the satnavs at home and embrace good old-fashioned paper maps

In preparation for this year’s National Map Reading Week (21st - 27th October), we’ve put together a few reasons why we think traditional maps are still worth the paper they’re printed on.

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