Artwork Design Services

If you aren’t keen to design z cards, we can take the task off your hands. Whatever type of folded card your business needs, our team of experienced graphic designers can help!

Take advantage of our artwork design services; you will be assigned a dedicated graphic designer, who will work directly from our offices in Southampton, and will be just a phone call away. They will design your artwork, based on your logo, ideas and instructions.

Please supply all necessary graphics, logos and additional files upfront – this will minimise the designer’s time and therefore cost to you. 

gold design service

Gold service £250*

Complete creative design from scratch

silver design service

Silver service £150*

Simple artwork layout from existing brand identity, photos, logos etc.

bronze design service

Bronze service £90

Basic design


Please call or email with your requirements and we’ll be happy to send you an estimate.
*Prices are per design.

If your design requirements change or increase during the process, we will advise you and there may be a small charge to allow for additional design time.

design services
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