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What are Z-fold cards used for?

Despite growing competition from online advertising, it’s never a good idea to underestimate the value of traditional print marketing. Z-fold cards are a particularly versatile tool in the offline world – allowing you to display lots of information in one handy, easy-to-transport space.

But what can Z-fold cards be used for? The answer is ‘a lot’ – here’s a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Marketing & promotion

Companies in all kinds of industries can benefit from using z-fold cards for their marketing communications. They’re a hugely popular promotional tool, due to their ability to place significant amounts of information in the palm of your hand.

The traditional concertina or ‘fold out map’ style design not only offers plenty of print space, but also provides a satisfying tactile experience for your potential customers, as they unfurl your promotion and neatly wrap it back up.

Information display

They’re not just for marketing, either; the vast space and easy portability of z-fold cards makes them functionally ideal as take-home literature for your customers.

Whether you’re a tourist attraction looking to help patrons find their way around your site with a map; a health organisation looking to offer health advice for your patients; or a financial institution helping your customers understand their banking options; z-fold cards give your customers access to a wealth of info in a pocket-sized form factor.

Creative advertising

Z-fold cards are also great for off-the-wall marketing, with their fold-out design providing plenty of opportunities for creative campaigns.

The only limit is your imagination! You could take advantage of the multi-panel design to display a story sequence; revealing your promotional message panel by panel; or you could display a provocative message on your first row of panels and reveal your true marketing message on the second.

Alternatively, you could use your own custom z-fold shapes for a truly unique marketing impact on potential customers. The team at ZFoldPrinting.co.uk can provide custom die-cut z-fold designs to make your promotion pop – call us on 02380 878030 to discuss your requirements today.

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