z fold cards

Types of Z Fold

Z Fold cards are convenient and adaptable because they combine a business card’s pocket size with a folded pamphlet’s vast printing area and pleasurable fold-out experience. They are ideal for planners, maps, reference books, event schedules, coupon books, and countless more purposes.

Concertina Fold

Small-scale brochures, trinkets, and coupon booklets are perfect uses for our concertina folds! Every panel of the well-known concertina fold may fold in on itself, giving you a row of printed pages contained in a single, handy pocketfold space. Due to their portability and compact size, concertina cards are highly common. A row of personalised panels can be seen by unfolding the card in a concertina shape. This is perfect for concertina booklets with information, Z-fold brochures with a row of coupons, and Z-cards.

K Fold

The term “K folds” or “K fold cards” is frequently used to describe Zcards that have two rows of printed panels. A K card is an excellent marketing tool since it has enough fold-out room for all your bargains, offers, and information, and it’s all contained in a slim, pocket-sized booklet.

Z Fold

A three-row Zcard unfolds to the size of a full pamphlet or map, but it fits easily and discreetly into your pocket. You may use these practical, adaptable, and portable printed cards as brochures, event schedules, attraction maps, and so much more!

Multi Fold

The largest Zcard we have available folds up neatly to fit under a single tiny cover and has 4 rows of printed panels! The four row Z fold cards, also known as W fold cards or multifold leaflets, are very well-liked because they can fit a lot of information into a little area. Maps, brochures, schedules, lines, discount booklets, and a lot more can be printed on multifold cards.

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