Variable Data Printing

Create individual elements within a single Zfold print run with variable data printing. 

Variable data printing (also known as Variable Information Printing and Variable Imaging) allows you to add individual bits of text, graphics, barcodes and more to every single Zfold within a print run. 

Therefore, possibilities of variable data printing for personalisation and customisation are endless! Take a look at some of the variable data printing options below…

variable data printed postcard

What can you add to your Zcards with Variable Data Printing? 

  • Personalised messages
  • Mailing addresses
  • Branch-specific addresses & contact details
  • Targeted content for each market demographic or region
  • Unique vouchers, discount codes & offers
  • Staff headshots, local photography & other images
  • Sequential numbering & verification codes
  • Personalised URLs & QR codes
  • Personalised discount codes… and more!
variable data scratch cards

Scratch cards with variable branches

How does variable data printing work?

If you want variable data printing on your Zfolds you need two artwork elements – a base artwork template that consists of the artwork that is the same throughout every Zcard. Then you need to provide a set of unique data (text, images, codes etc) that will be printed on each individual Zfold. Using digital printing software, the static artwork and variable data are printed simultaneously onto each individual item.

This means there’s no need to manually create multiple variations of your Zfold artwork – it’s all done for you!

csv file icon

What do I need to set up a VDP print run?

Setting up your artwork for variable data printing couldn’t be simpler. At the most basic level, all you need is a static artwork design file (with all the design elements which will remain the same across every single printed item) and a spreadsheet document which is saved as a CSV file with listings for all the unique data you’re looking to print.

What if I want to print unique images on each item?

Printing variable images is no hassle at all; simply add each image’s file name within your database and send us a folder file with all your image files as well as your static artwork file and your database file.

If you have any trouble, our experts are always happy to help – just drop us a line.

How can I make sure the design of the VDP elements is correct?

You can either leave a note with your order at the checkout, or if you’re using InDesign Photoshop or Illustrator, you can add placeholder text or graphics on a separate layer to the rest of your design.

Either way, we’ll send you a digital proof of your design which will indicate where the VDP elements are placed and how they’ll look on your final printed design. If you need to adjust the design before going to print, simply let us know!

If you are unsure about variable data or have any questions then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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