Scratch Off latex

Scratch off latex (also referred to as rub removable or scratch off ink) is an opaque ink which conceals the image or text below until you’re ready to reveal it.

Common uses include scratch cards, security codes, prizes and promotions, parking permits and also bucket list and travel posters.

Recommended stock weights range from 200gsm for posters up to 400gsm for cards and the scratch off latex is most commonly available in silver or gold.

scratch off latex on scratch card

The process:

  • Both digital and lithographic printing methods are suitable.
  • Once printed, a lottery release seal is applied to the scratch off areas so that the latex is easy to scratch off with a coin, plectrum or finger nail. Gloss or matt lamination can also be applied if desired.
  • Once the lottery release seal is dry the scratch off latex ink can be applied. This is usually the last process, although the sheets can put back through the press if print is required on top of the latex.

Potential pit falls

Poor adhesion of the scratch off ink or lamination and print set off.

Allow plenty of drying time. The print must be fully dry before the lottery release seal is applied and the lottery release seal must also have adequate drying time before the latex is applied.
The amount of drying time required will depend on many factors ranging from the weather to the ink saturation on the print so it’s important that the process isn’t rushed.
Choose the correct paper type – uncoated paper is unsuitable for scratch off latex inks due to its absorbency.

The prize can be seen through the reverse

Ensure that the weight of paper is sufficient to block the show through. It’s best if possible to avoid highly coloured images below the latex unless a heavy weight stock is being used. Reducing the tint value in this area should solve the problem.

The print on top of the scratch off latex is pale

The recommended colour to avoid this problem in 100% black. If coloured text or images are required then the scratch off latex will need to be changed to white.

Scratch off areas are too close to each other

The scratch off areas can be any shape or size you like. You’ll need to bear in mind that the latex will overlap the designated area by around 2mm.

scratch poster with latex overprint

Custom shape latex panel with black overprint

If you have any further questions on scratch off latex then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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