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Here at, we’re all about folded cards, leaflets and brochures! Folded cards offer a fantastic versatile range of marketing opportunities; promote events, products or services, provide a catalogue or offer vouchers and coupons to increase sales. Whatever you need them for, these eye-catching cost-effective marketing tools are perfect for getting the word out! 

We offer a variety of different folds to make sure your folded map, leaflet or brochure is exactly how you want it. 

Take a look at the different folding styles below… 

tri folded leaflet
folding styles - concertina


A concertina fold (otherwise known as a 1 row pocketfold card) consists of 1 row of folded panels. The panels fold on top of each other and fit snugly under the cover. Concertina cards are ideal for information brochures, health and safety advice and coupon and voucher booklets. 

Fun fact! This is sometimes called the ‘accordion fold’ – because of the shape it makes. 


folding styles - K fold


A K fold is a Z card with 2 rows. The panels fold out both horizontally and vertically and on top of each other to fit beneath the cover (or between two covers). K folds offer more space than a concertina fold so are useful for designs that need a little more information – like brochures, small scale maps or guides. 

folding styles - 3 rows


The 3 row Z card folds into a slim-line finish so is tidy and compact but opens up to provide the space for substantial information. The panels fold both horizontally and vertically to fit under the covers. This particular fold is most popular for tourist and attraction maps, as well as guides and larger scale brochures. 

folding styles - 4 rows


Sometimes known as the multifold card, this 4 row leaflet is packed full of panels for lots of information. 

A multifold card is most often used for larger scale maps – as you can get a lot of detail in a foldaway space. 

If you are unsure about folding styles or have any questions then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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