ZFold Card FAQs

Take a look at our ZFold Frequently Asked Questions. For general artwork, payment queries and company information, please see our General FAQs section. 

What is a Z fold card?

What is a Z card? A Z fold card is a pamphlet, ergonomically folded to fit into the shape of a business card or small flyer. As such, they are ideal for uses requiring a lot of information but a small storage space, for example: maps, event information, codes of conduct, voucher booklets etc. These fancy folded cards can be used for just about anything!

A Z cards is known by many monikers, including pocketfold card, fit and fold card and map card.

  • A folded card with one row of pages is often referred to as a concertina fold card, or pocket fold card.
  • A card with 2 rows of pages is sometimes called a kfold card, double z card or map card, due to its common usage.
  • A card with 3 rows of pages is most commonly referred to as a Z fold
  • A card with 4 rows of pages is called either a zFold, double z card, W fold or multifold. 

Due to the wide range of names for this product, we prefer to list by number of rows, to ensure clarity. When ordering your Z card design, please ensure you have the correct number of rows. 


What material do you use for Z cards?

We use 80gsm matt and gloss stock for the inner pages as standard, but have a whole variety of paper options available, including recycled and uncoated.
If you choose to have a heavier-duty cover for your Z fold card, we tend to use 350gsm matt or gloss stock as standard, but again offer a wide range of different options. Take a look at the ‘materials’ sections of the homepage for more details.

Can I have a custom shaped Z card?

Yes! We can create your own foldable custom shape for your card, or you can choose to go for custom made concertina pages.

What’s difference between concertina, K and Z folds?

A concertina fold consists of one row of pages, folded laterally into a small shape. Concertina folding is therefore only in one direction.

A K fold offers two rows of pages, so must be folded vertically and horizontally to fit into its compact state: a k card is folded in two directions. K printing is popular for informational documents, programmes, az printing and small maps. 

A Z fold provides three rows of pages, so must be folded twice in one direction and then pleat folded to fit into its small state – however the term digital z card often refers to any folded card. Often used as a banner card, z card map or z fold card instructions. 

Can I order a sample for Z folds?

Yes! Head over to our Order Samples page for details.
Do you have any products available to complement my Z fold cards?
Yes, we can also supply flyers, leaflets, signage and newsletters, as well as many other products. Please call for more details.

Most Z folds seem to be landscape, can I have mine portrait?

Yes! Most forms of Z fold can be orientated either way – just get in touch to discuss your needs.

I want a heavier cover – how do I do this?

We provide heavier-duty covers for extra longevity. We can also offer a number of cover finishes, including lamination, Spot UV, seals and foiling, to help your cover really stand out. Some options may incur additional z card cost.  Speak to one of our friendly team today!

How do I get in touch?

Head over to our contact page for full details. Our friendly team are happy to help with any queries you may have.

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